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22 Jan 2021

4 Tips to Grow Your Business During A Pandemic

Everyone knows WhatsApp, the 3rd most popular app in the world. The roll out of WhatsApp for business introduces a whole new experience on how businesses communicate with not only other businesses, but with their customers. 

The COVID-19 pandemic saw many brick-and-mortar companies diversifying their operations by transitioning to the online marketplace and experimenting with digital products and services.

The question is: "Are business owners like yourself taking full advantage on how WhatsApp can grow your business during this pandemic?"


Here are 4 tips to running a successful business on WhatsApp.



1. Upload your menu on WhatsApp using the catalog feature

Save your time and effort of repeating information and sending pictures by uploading your entire menu.

For each item, add helpful details for your customers such as a description, price and images. You may even want to group similar items that will make it easier for your customers!


2. Create a two-way conversation with your customers

Did you know that 80% of customers show increased loyalty to a business that is easy to contact?

Think about your last interaction with a business. Maybe you had a question about a product or service, but their response was late or you could only find an email address. Would it not have been easier if they had a feature to contact them directly, instantly?

Fave tip: Utilise WhatsApp’s QR code feature that allows customers to contact your business directly without the hassle of having to save your number into their devices.


3. Update your WhatsApp status for flash deals or promotions

We know the fear of coming off as annoying or bombarding your customers, so is there another way to increase conversions?

The answer is “Yes” and it is WhatsApp’s “Status” feature that is only available to its viewers for 24 hours. Inform your customers about the latest deals or promotions by getting creative!


4. Accept online payments for customer orders.

Due to the current climate in Malaysia, your customers are spending more time online and food delivery is on the rise. Many brick and mortar businesses have set up a digital storefront which allows customers to make online orders without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Fave tip: Be part of this digital revolution by accepting payments online using FavePay by generating a link which you can share freely with your customers. 


With FavePay and WhatsApp on your side, it is easy to see the potential that you could unlock for your business today.

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