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6 Dec 2019

5 Reasons to Go Digital or Go Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed consumer-spending habits and businesses forever. Many businesses have pivoted operations and entered the digital playing field, while others that did not have unfortunately, been left behind.

But, why is it important for businesses to go digital? Good question! Before you “put your business out there” into digitisation, it’s important to understand what going digital really means and how it will translate to business. Read on to find out why you should ditch your fax machine with the weird whirring noise. Yup, that one.

Digital increases operations efficiency


Imagine a digitally-empowered restaurant where your business accepts orders and payment online. Imagine if customers can get takeaway food from their favourite restaurant online. Imagine all the possibilities — endless.

And we’re not just talking about the food and beverage industry. Going digital accelerates the operations and processes of your business, be it a restaurant or a retailer. Tasks that may previously take hours to complete are now reduced to mere minutes or even seconds by letting an intelligent technology takes over.


Digital improves business decision-making


When a business is online, it is easier to track the progress. With the right tools in place, data can reveal patterns and trends you can benefit from.

Gone are the days when business owners could only rely on their own reasonings and assumptions about their customers. With the right tools, business owners like yourself are able to arm themselves with data that reveals patterns and trends your business can benefit from.

Analytics will give you an overview of your customer demographics and help you to understand how customers behave, what they really think of your businesses, and how your business is seen by the market.

For starters, FaveBiz Insights allows you to keep your business at your fingertips — sales, customer performance, customer habits, purchasing trends, and more.


Digital improves customer experience


With a plethora of business in the market to choose from, customers are only enticed by convenience. Going digital provides a hassle-free experience at every point in their journey with your business.

While a digitised business is vital in attracting new customers, it is equally important in retaining existing ones by providing seamless and quick communication. Our suggestion — build a customer loyalty programme that rewards customers with attractive cashback offers, for instance cashback for every purchase and special seasonal or birthday offers. Your customers will keep coming back and this will help you to build a healthy and long-lasting connection with your customers.


Digital empowers employees


Employers are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Going digital is the way forward. 

Adopting technology in business plays a pivotal role in helping employees become more effective in their primary roles. For instance, with all the time saved with the increase in productivity and efficiency driven by digital, front liners are now able to engage and interact with the customers. They can strike a conversation with the customers and get their feedback to improve the business. Sounds better, doesn’t it?

With the right digital tools in place, going digital empowers your employees to perform better and faster and will boost their morale.


And, ultimately, going digital is an effective marketing strategy

By going digital, you are putting your business on the Internet and getting more eyeballs — millions, to be specific. With the valuable insight gained from analytics, identify who you want to connect with and plan your content for your target audience by providing a solution to your customers’ problem and getting it to reach your audience via digital channels.

In fact, with the analytical insight that delves deep into demographics and behaviour, you’ll be able to identify what your customers want even before they know they want it. We’ll just say, it’s an exciting, exciting time to go digital.

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