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19 Sep 2020

Best Spotify Playlist for 7 Different Types of Cafes

As much as service, food, and beverage quality are important elements of a cafe, music is also an integral part of a cafe’s personality. Music - just like its interior design, creates an atmosphere that sets the mood of the place. It also has a direct influence on the kind of ambiance that you want your cafe to reflect.

Apart from the obvious reason why music is important, do you know that the type of music played can also affect your customers’ behavior and their willingness to spend?

There are multiple studies out there that have proven how music influences your consumer behaviors in many ways. For example;

Dance and upbeat music

People will eat faster with fast and loud tempo hence, spending less time in the cafe which can in turn increase table turnover.

Instrumental and acoustic music

Proven to be able to increase the average bill size of a consumer when the music is in soft and slow tempo because they tend to stay longer in the cafe and order more as they stay.

Classical and Jazz Lounge music

Capable of influencing customers to be willing to spend more at the store as these songs are often linked to sophistication and luxury. 

However, a cafe’s music selection should not be limited to these factors, it should also be based on other factors like the types of cafe and customers you serve as well. Music enhances the vibe of your cafe; playing the right music increases the chances of your customers coming back again.

Whether you’ve been in the industry for a long time or just opening up your cafe, rest assured that we are here to help you make a change to your coffee soundtrack. Let’s take a look at the different types of cafes and some of the best-recommended playlists suitable for each type. 

1. The Baked Goods Place


Also known as a bakery cafe that serves freshly baked loaves, pastries, confectionery, and many more delicious brunch selections. This is the type of cafe that makes you smell the freshly baked bread from miles away. 

The best type of music suited for this cafe is soft, instrumental music as it helps to induce a sense of relaxation that can encourage customers to spend more time enjoying their food and experience at the cafe. Here are some playlist suggestions to help those customers let loose and spend more!  

Relax & Unwind

Relax and unwind playlist

A combination of alternative, acoustics, and indie songs, this is a soul-soothing playlist that can complement those great coffees and with some cozy warm vibe. 

Soft Pop List

Soft pop hits playlist

As straightforward as its sounds, this is a playlist for easy-to-listen soft pop songs that most people can sing along and bop to. 

Soft Lounge House

Lounge playlist

This playlist consists of exotic instrumental music that can evoke a strong sense of tranquility. It is suitable for cozy warm cafe environments - especially helpful in calming those busy brunch times. 

2. The Work and Study Place 

Popular among students and working adults for its warm and cozy atmosphere. It often offers a casual, comfortable, and convenient space that comes with benefits such as strong free strong WIFI and long operating hours. 

Imagine a cubicle-free desk accompanied by the sights and sounds of a cafe, flooded with natural light that just stimulates creative energy.

For this type of cafe, it is important to play the music that causes fewer distractions which help to provide a conducive environment for studying, working, and casual meet-up sessions. To create such an environment, the playlist can range from lo-fi to casual contemporary music. 

Lo-Fi Cafe

Lo-Fi cafe playlist

Just as its name suggests, this playlist consists of lo-fi chill beats that are great to induce better concentration and directly help you create the perfect work-space environment for students and working adults. 

Tarea Casual

Casual cafe playlist

This is a playlist for popular slow and casual pop songs to help you appeal to all sorts of people. It’s great for a pick-me-up when the environment gets too quiet. The playlist consists of artists such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Avril Lavigne, and more. 

Workday Lounge

Workday Lounge

Some chill music to help reduce stress for a more conducive environment for your customers. It is soothing enough to allow people to relax and focus on their work, but not so slow and monotonous that they would fall asleep. 

3. The Grab-and-Go Express

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-19 at 6.34.52 AM

Works pretty much like a walking-drive-thru cafe. This type of cafe mainly focuses on serving to-go-friendly food and functions as a pit stop for busy people to grab a quick fix before continuing on with their schedule. 

As this type of cafe usually requires things to move at a fast pace, louder and fast-tempo music gets the job done by motivating customers and employees to move faster to keep up with the beat. So here are some upbeat music playlists that are suitable to complement a fast-paced environment. 

Happy Beats

Happy Beats Playlist

A playlist for fast-tempo dance music to help you set a bright and positive vibe while working fast to deliver those orders on-time. With this playlist, it’s impossible to feel blue and demotivated. 

Daily Lift

Daily Lift Playlist

With this list of hit pop-songs, you can definitely motivate people to move fast and keep those queues short. This playlist includes contemporary songs that can make most people bop. 

Just Hits

Just Hits playlist cafe

This is a trendy playlist for up-beat new music from across the world. The best thing about it? It will be continuously updated so you don’t have to put in effort in keeping up with new music.

4. The Public Favorite Coffee House

Big Chain Coffee House

The public favorite cafes are typically big coffee chains that have outlets all over the world with significantly identifiable and consistent brand identity across all outlets. If there’s one thing to emphasize for this type of cafe is that there is a set of standards set for all the cafe’s outlets and music being one of them. 

Regardless of that, details are still important in order to deliver the right ambiance to the targeted customers. That’s why R&B and jazz music is the best type of music for these cafes. It can help convey a sophisticated brand image and encourage customers to spend more time at the outlet. Here are some of the best recommendations for jazz and R&B music playlist. 

Jazz Vibe

Jazz Vibe Playlist Cafe

This is a chill jazz instrumental playlist that will help you create a soothing and sophisticated atmosphere. This is the type of music that will get people to stay longer at the outlet. 

Are & Be 

R&B cafe playlist

Some R&B essentials that will keep the beat light for easy-listening and create a soothing ambiance that will keep the crowds bopping. 

Boho + Chill

Boho chill playlist

This playlist consists of free-spirited boho songs that give you a chill and relaxing environment. Good for calming down those busy weekends. 

5. The Hipster Coffee

Hipster Cafe

Hipster cafes are indie urban coffee shops that are typically popular among trendy youngsters looking for good coffee, amazing food, and some Insta-worthy shots for their feed. 

These cafes are characterized by a trendy yet rustically unique interior and brand image that makes each of them stand out with their own charm. Indie songs can help to further emphasize this image and deliver the right ambiance to visitors

Indie Pop

Indie Pop cafe playlist

Trendy indie songs for the young and emotional to get in their feels. This playlist appeals to a bigger audience of indie lovers.

Indie Platinum

Indie Platinum

Fresh indie hip hop and rap. This playlist is set to create a lively atmosphere especially among young souls.

Indie Chillout

Indie Chillout

A mixture of alternative, and slow indie songs that will help create a laid back environment perfect for any chill-out sessions. 

6. The Retro-Inspired

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-19 at 11.23.12 AM

A retro-inspired cafe focuses on dedicating their image and theme to an era of their choice. Be it the ‘60s, the ’70s, or ’80s, this type of cafe is usually decked with vintage decoration and classic memorabilia that truly make people feel like they’re taking a trip through a time machine. 

Depending on the era that the cafe chooses to portray, retro songs from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s is the best music to bring back the nostalgic feeling. Here you can find some of the best retro songs that just bring the past to the present. 

Oldies but Goldies

60s cafe playlist

This playlist consists of 60’s favorite hits that feature singers like the Beatles, Elvis Presley, Elton John, and many more prominent artists of that decade.

All Out of ’70s

70s cafe playlist

The perfect embodiment of the ’70s, this playlist consists of only the best songs from the era - a mixture of romance, dance, and ballad, some of the songs include Bohemian Rhapsody, Mamma Mia, I Got Lucky, Dancing Queen, and many more. 

90’s Rock Anthem

90s rock anthem for cafe

A compilation of some of the best 90s rock songs. This playlist reminds you of listening to the 90s radio and wearing bandanas with leather jackets. This is the playlist to go to recreate that grunge 90s era.

7. The High-Tea Palace

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-19 at 11.09.39 AM

This type of cafe is usually known for its finger food which consists of pastries, desserts, sandwiches, and scones. It conveys a very posh and reserved image that is often linked to the British hi-tea culture. Classical and instrumental music is the way to go for this type of cafe as it depicts the image of sophistication and posh that the hi-tea culture is known for. 

Classical Essentials

Classical cafe playlist

Here are some of the world’s most popular classical tunes, this melodious playlist reminds you of English muffins and tea time. The ideal accompaniment for a hi-tea cafe. 

Mozart Strings

Mozart playlist for cafe

Some of Mozart’s greatest works for violin, viola, and cello. The music ranges from elegant sonatas to dark and stormy quintets. This music helps build up the atmosphere from soothing to exciting. 

Relaxing Chopin

Chopin music for cafes

This playlist of relaxing piano works by Chopin that reminds you of a garden filled with flowers and birds chirping will help create a calming and soothing atmosphere at your cafe. 

Music can make or break the ambiance of your cafe. Pay more attention to the selection of music playlist for your customers to have a positive and memorable experience at your cafe.

Take the time to consider the emotional benefits you want your brand to convey, and choose music that complements this image.

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