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25 Sep 2020

How Roastedly Came Up With The Perfect Solution for Travel Coffee

Imagine you’re somewhere in the mountains, in your little tent with your friends - trying to get the best of that life-with-nature experience. You wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee made from top quality beans - perfect for a cup of serving that you can easily make your own anytime, anywhere. Well, that’s one way to describe the charm behind Roastedly.

This Singapore-based coffee brand is all about providing true coffee lovers with top quality coffee as they travel. Each item is carefully designed to simplify the process of coffee-making without compromising on the quality, price, and convenience. 

Portable espresso maker Singapore

Their products range from portable espresso maker to coffee in sachets. They emphasize the idea of making coffee in less than a minute, regardless of where you are. Welson Ang, the founder of Roastedly believes that;

“Great coffee should be a simple indulgence available to all”

Although it is a relatively new brand, Welson Ang has been a familiar and prominent figure in the F&B industry, particularly the coffee sector. 

In 2013, Welson who was inspired by a particularly remarkable coffee experience during the third wave coffee movement was determined to chase his love for coffees. He ventured professionally in the coffee business by opening Pte Ltd. 

When asked why he pursued this type of business instead of working on his own café, he replied that he had sunk deeper into the coffee business with his Coffee Nowhere café. Upon opening its first outlet, within months, the business expanded with standalone roasting facilities in Austin Perdana and a Barista training academy (Barista Nowhere). It also started franchising new cafes operating in Singapore and Indonesia. Four years later, in 2017, a multinational company acquired Coffee Nowhere.

He further added that being in the industry made him realize that consumer coffee has a bigger market and better growth potential as opposed to a café, roasting, and training. 

“When we were being acquired, I felt the 'calling' to kick start consumer coffee business”


How They Came Up With Fail-Proof Brew Travel Coffee Kit 

Roastedly travel-friendly coffee

Welson Ang, the founder of Roastedly shared that the idea for travel-friendly coffee emerged when he decided to take a break from the coffee scene and explore the world with his wife, Xerine. 

While traveling, he realized that it can be really hard to find a cup of good-quality coffee especially when they travel to remote places. Due to this, they preferred bringing their own coffee and brewing equipment during their travels. 

Back then, his wife was his very own personal barista who would prepare and brew the coffee for him. On one occasion when his wife couldn’t accompany him to travel, she weighed the coffee beans, ground them, and packed the coffee for single servings with each serving sealed in a small individual zip lock bag for his convenience. 

That was when he got the idea of adopting it into a business to make brewing a faster, more convenient process for true coffee lovers. Wilson shared that just like other entrepreneurs who are starting out, he was also doubtful and questioned whether the idea would truly work. 

So he carefully sorted out the common problems that picky coffee lovers like himself share and gathered the following points; those who can’t compromise on the quality of coffee, they’re always in search of best quality coffee bean, they need brewing equipment all the time to get quality coffee, and always looking to try a variety of different coffees. 

With these findings, he started undergoing a lot of research and development to find the best way to professionally implement the method of packing the coffee. After a lengthy period of research and development, countless trials and errors, he successfully created the perfect way to pack and seal the coffee.  The next step was to implement it practically.

Cold Brew Kit Singapore

Roastedly's Cold Brew Kit which included readily weighed and ground coffee beans in a sealed sachet. 

Sharing on how Roastedly is able to deliver quality coffee from around the world. Welson commented that;

“Roastedly carefully sources great coffee from roasters all around the world, then carry out a stringent cupping process to derive the taste notes and suitable grind size for that specific coffee.”

Now you don’t have to worry about skipping your coffee or having to tolerate bad coffee when you travel because Roastedly makes it simple and easy for good coffee to be enjoyed. 

If you would like to know more about their strategy in growing the business and their secret to coping with challenges during the Circuit Breaker and Movement Control Order read at their part two here.


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