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19 Sep 2019

Putting Technology at Your Customers’ Dining Table: Home Noodle

It’s 12 PM, otherwise known as the peak lunch hour, otherwise known as the time when the Restaurant Manager sweats nervously as a crowd of people streams into the restaurant. One customer is waving impatiently to order, a group of people is queueing for takeaway, a few delivery person waiting alongside — allow us to translate: hungry customers are, needless to say, the nightmare of all Restaurant Managers. Are we right or are we right?

But — *chop* — what if customers can order their meals as soon as they get a table without flagging the waiters? Just imagine this: no long queues, no unnecessary physical contact, no vigorous hand-waving to get the attention of waiters, no waiting around for the meals, and no hungry customers’ eyes, all on the nervous, sweaty Restaurant Manager.

In comes Fave’s Table Ordering, your restaurant (or rather your Restaurant Manager’s) knight in shining armor. Table Ordering, exclusively built for F&B business, automates orders and payment. That means the system digitizes your restaurant’s menu and allows customers to place orders and pay for the bill, all via their mobile phones. Scroll down and you’ll see what we mean. We mean business.




How does Fave Ordering works?

It’s no rocket science, really! Table Ordering allows customers to view your restaurant’s menu along with the prices on Fave app. They would then select a meal of their choice, which can be customized to their liking — e.g. no vegetables, no onions — before placing the order directly through Fave app.

Find out more about how Fave services could help F&B businesses increase operational efficiency.



A short story of Home Noodle

To Mun Choon (MC), the founder of Home Noodle, his employees are his family. The employees of Home Noodle are not called “staff,” but go by “crew.” In a similar fashion to how families help each other, MC is devoted to making his employees’ lives easier — which is via Fave’s Table Ordering.

“If there is anything that technology could help to make their job easier, I would be most keen to explore."

"Being a small and medium entrepreneur myself, it takes a lot of time, effort, and cost for me to build an app from scratch myself. Technology is not my core business."

“But with Table Ordering, it allows my business to adapt to the technology. When I heard that Fave offered this capability, I agreed to sign up almost immediately Table Ordering maximizes operational efficiency. It cuts down a lot of time by allowing customers to order and pay simultaneously,” said MC in an interview with Fave.

And, what happens with the time saved with the increase in productivity and efficiency driven by Fave’s Table Ordering app? MC spends most of it interacting with the customers — chatting with them and getting their feedback.

More questions about maximizing operation efficiency for your business? Get in touch with Fave, the team will reach out to you and set it up.


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