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25 Sep 2020

Roastedly’s Strategy of Revolutionizing Coffee-Making

While their idea of a convenient great coffee alone is enough reason to love Roastedly, you’d be surprised to know that they have more strategy up their sleeves to provide only the best for true coffee lovers.

Apart from that,  they also have their ways of growing the business and coping with challenges that entrepreneurs can most like relate to, so let’s get into what makes people love them and what they’re doing differently. 

 Indulging Coffee Made Simple

The reason why people love their ready-made coffee sachets is that their beans are readily ground and sealed into single-serve size sachets made of specially indented aluminum wrappers. The sachet is flushed and sealed with nitrogen to ensure the freshness of coffee as well as the longevity of shelf life

Welson Ang understands that for coffee lovers, knowing what they drink and where it comes from is crucial therefore he modified the software and printer so that they can print QR code (on-demand) on each sachet so that by scanning the QR code, complete information of the coffee such as coffee origin, farm, estate, and roasters will be shown. 

Roastedly convenient-coffee sachet

Image Source: Roastedly


Their coffee sachets have helped customers not only enjoy remarkable coffee in three easy steps but also help them identify the type of coffee they like and ease the process of buying the same coffee the next time. 

When asked to share his definition of a perfect coffee, Welson replied that the perfect coffee must have the following three elements; Quality, Affordability, and  Accessibility (QAA). He added that the three elements are interdependent and must strike a balance. When looking for the perfect coffee, we should consider these questions:

  1. What’s the point of “knowing” some great coffee but not affordable or accessible?
  2. What’s the point of getting cheap coffee conveniently when you have to tolerate its bad quality. 

That perfect cup of coffee should be effortless enough for you to make in the morning with your eyes-half open (as we usually make them) and should be economic enough for you to enjoy anytime. Aside from that, its aroma, taste, and blend should come together to give you that perfect cup of coffee - amazing enough to lift your senses at any busy-working day or a laid-back casual day. 

Their Mission to Revolutionize Coffee-making

If you’re just as curious as we are about their mission and what makes them different from other businesses, here’s what Welson has to say about it;

“We are the gap between roasters and consumers. For roasters, they can sell their coffee to the world through us, and as a consumer, they can enjoy the coffee from around the world.”

He further explained that normally, coffee is sold at 250g for the whole bean or ground. To brew a cup of coffee, you will need to weigh, grind, and use various other brewing equipment that takes up time and energy. The whole process is quite lengthy and troublesome for a lot of people, especially those with a busy schedule. But their products eliminate all these problems. 

As an example, their cold brew kit contains everything needed to start making cold brew at home. They even included 5 sachets of their specially picked coffee beans, ground and calculated in a perfect weight ratio to brew straight from the box, so that customers won’t have to worry about proportions.

Currently, they are the only brand selling freshly ground and sealed coffee into single-serve sachets. Through this product, coffee lovers are eliminating the hassle of weighing and grinding the beans. Additionally, their coffee sachets are bundled with single-use brewing filters. This means you only need hot water and a cup to brew the coffee. It's super convenient and easy to brew yourself a perfect cup of coffee.

Their mission is to make every coffee drinker own Roastedly Sachets at their home, workplace, and luggage so that they can enjoy freshly grown coffee anytime, anywhere.

Their Secret to Coping With Challenges and Improving Effectiveness

Welson shared that in order to keep their cost low and improve effectiveness, his production line is set up in Johor Bahru and was designed and optimized to be operated by 1 manpower (which is himself). This soon got complicated as during Covid-19, Malaysia enforced Movement Control Order (MCO) and Circuit Breaker (CB). As a Singaporean, with MCO and CB in place, he was unable to “crossover” to do the production. Although they saw demand increase in the initial weeks of MCO and CB, they had sold out all their current stocks. Thereafter, they “closed” the business for 5 months to only open it back again recently. 

Roastedly Flagship store in Johor Bahru

Roastedly's Flagship store in Johor Bahru

Learning from that, they moved their production from Johor to Singapore. They managed to get a logistics company that can help them dismantle their machine in Johor despite only guiding them via video call. The move was completed at the end of August and they were able to reopen because their new facility in Singapore had finally started to operate. 

At the end of the day, they had to compromise on the low production cost in order to get their business back and running again. Although it was a difficult decision to make, it was the right thing to do given the circumstances and it has helped them recover lost sales since. 

Their Strategy to Capture more Customers

Welson described their experience with Fave as being quite straightforward. Knowing that Fave already has the system and the customers that would expedite their process of reaching out to more people, he chose to set up their deals on Fave. 

He knew they just needed to come out with the deal and it will be live in the next few days. With Fave’s massive customer base, anyone who uses the Fave app can easily purchase their deals


Although they just recently relaunched the business and updated the deals, they are confident that their deals will do well and they look forward to capturing more traffic with Fave. 

His Advice to New Entrepreneurs

His first advice to new entrepreneurs was to not worry about getting your hands dirty, operating a business isn’t always rainbows and butterflies, at times you have to take up the hard work because it's the only thing to do. Aside from that he also said that as a boss, you are always the last man to quit even when everyone else does, because at the end of the day it’s your responsibility to protect your dreams. 

On a more technical note, he mentioned that entrepreneurs should also bear in mind that it’s not always about passion. You must always balance passion with revenue by monitoring every expense cause that’s the realistic way to grow your business.

Looking back, his story serves as the perfect demonstration of how the world is full of infinite possibilities and countless opportunities; you could still chase your passion through other alternatives cause there’s never just one way of doing things. 

For Welson, his passion for coffee did not stop when he ended his journey with Nowhere Coffee, instead, it led him to a new path that has enabled him to continue doing what he does best - making coffee. 

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