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24 Sep 2019

4 Easy Ways to Turn Walk-in Customers into Regulars

Here’s something all business owners can relate to — getting new customers are all good, but the feeling of seeing your existing customers return for a second time is better. So much better. *cries in appreciative tears*

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, which makes it important for business owners to engage with them. Well, no customers, no business!


“How do I turn more walk-in customers into regulars? Where do I start?”

You’ve come to the right place! Building a solid customer base may seem like an overwhelming task. Fret not, we’ve made it easier for you through these 4 easy tips. When we say easy, trust us, we mean it. Give these a try!


clothes-on-sale-2292953 (1)

Offer discounts and deals

Nothing works better like “Here’s a good deal!”

Well, just take a look at the queue for McDonald’s McCafe Half Price Wednesdays? Or have you seen the line at Starbucks during their Buy 1 Free 1 promotion? Yeah, that’s what we mean.

More attractive discounts and deals mean more customers, and more customers mean more business for you. It’s really that easy. No joke.

Get your discounts on FaveDeals, and get your business in front of millions of eyeballs.

On average, 1 deal is sold every 10 seconds on Fave.




Word of mouth always works

Would you believe an advertisement you see on social media or would you take your friends’ word on how good a product is? Chances are, you and many others fall under the latter. Us too.

Word-of-mouth marketing, as the name implies, gets people talking. When your customers know your business serves great food or provides world class customer service, it comes through. It shows.

Why go through all the hassle of marketing your business when your raving fans,  especially when incentivised will gladly help do it for you through social media and the internet? Take it from us — no one can do it better than your customers.




Maintain an excellent customer service

There’s a mantra that we strongly believe in doing business — “Customer service isn’t dead, but when it goes, so will your business.”

While marketing is the art of attracting customers, customer service is all about keeping your customers — know your customers, respond as quickly as possible, fix your mistakes, and go the extra mile (e.g. handwritten cards and personalized message!).

If building a healthy customer base for your business is what you are looking to achieve, implementing an effective and proactive customer service will get you there.

Quick tip: Pay attention to the reviews from your customers no matter it's good or bad. Don't forget to reply them too, that'll make them feel much appreciated.




And most importantly, build a loyalty program

The statistics are out, and they don’t lie. Loyalty drives over 70% repeat customers. 

A good salesperson can sell anything to anyone once, but the best salesperson only sells once, and customers will keep coming back. 


Make your customers feel rewarded (read: Fave’s attractive Cashback offers!). Here’s more numbers — With Fave Cashback, you can drive up to 70% of your customers to return to your business monthly. In fact, businesses that sign-up for Fave Cashback have a 98% retention rate. That’s how much businesses love our product to build customer loyalty.

Now, that’s how you retain customers, the Fave way. Implementing Fave’s Cashback is easy peasy.


You can proceed to sign up here. From there, you can activate your FavePay and set the amount of Cashback you'd like to issue. The Cashback will then be stored in your customer’s Fave account and automatically applied on their next purchase. Best part? The Cashback and only be applied back at your outlet.

Need help? Contact us here.


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