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24 Dec 2019

XIXILI: From a Brick-And-Mortar Store to Going Digital

The XIXILI girls live life on the corner where fashion and function meet. XIXILI, a proudly Malaysian lingerie retailer was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust lines through the right choice of brassieres. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Fast forward to the present times. With over 60 brick and mortar outlets nationwide, going online is just the next step in the growth curve of the 15-year-old company. In 2018, XIXILI collaborated with Fave and took the plunge.

XIXILI’s leap of faith proves to be fruitful when it was awarded Most Innovative Fashion Retailer – Malaysia by 2019 APAC Business Awards for transforming online shopping behaviour and bringing the same shared experience between online and offline shopping.

Today, we have Tara Tan — the brain behind the Marketing team of XIXILI. When Tara came to XIXILI, she quickly realised that the small to mid-size enterprise (SME) has a lot of potentials, but restricted by a small marketing budget. She commenced the start of her tenure by banking on new technology and innovation by onboarding Fave to spur XIXILI.

Q: As a homegrown business competing with global brands, what are the challenges for XIXILI?

A: Our biggest challenge is volume — international brands source for a global market and have a huge marketing budget. So, how do we compete with that? Well, we don’t.

At XIXILI, our main focus is an intimate experience that enhances your confidence, happiness, and well-being. Our Perfect FIT session is a one-on-one personalised fitting conducted by professionally-trained fitters who will help women of all sizes and shapes to find the right-sized bra. XIXILI has the most extensive range of brassieres in Malaysia from cup sizes A to I and bands 65 to 100.

We find that 80% of women are wearing the wrong-sized bra. At XIXILI, we advocate a fuller appreciation of one’s figure. We want to educate women to wear the right-sized bra throughout all stages of their life, from youth to motherhood and thereafter.


Q: XIXILI recently launched a smart virtual fitting room. Tell us more about this exciting feature for your online shoppers.

A: One of our challenges, when going online, is to emulate our intimate Perfect FIT session available in our brick-and-mortar stores.

We partnered with Infimé Tech, a 3D avatar feature which brings our intimate Perfect FIT session online. With this smart virtual fitting room tool, customers can try-on XIXILI lingerie pieces on a 3D avatar modelled to the customer’s specific body type and measurements.

We hope that this feature will be able to help our customers who shop online to find the right fit and style.


Q: XIXILI’s collaboration with Fave goes back to early 2018. How has it been so far?

"XIXILI is the first retail merchant to adopt FavePay in Malaysia, and the journey has been fantastic."

A: Our core business is offline. Most lingerie retailers are distributed via consignment stores in Malaysia, but we are the first brand to open a boutique. But, as businesses go online, we start to explore the innovative approach with FavePay. We’re happy to say our online business has been growing steadily.

With FavePay, we are giving our customers a 5% cashback, redeemable at all XIXILI stores. We have been seeing really good traction with FavePay loyalty programme. With every RM1 cashback given out, we are seeing a return on investment of 9 times more.


Q: What encourages XIXILI to go cashless in business?

"We need our business to adopt technology and FavePay is the best way for us to go about it." Tara said.

A: In recent years, we see a steady decrease in the number of people using cash in Malaysia. At XIXILI, we are now seeing less than 20% of cash transactions.

Going cashless with Fave also translates to cost savings for us — for starters, FavePay implements a low processing fee for every transaction. Our customers also see a huge benefit with going cashless, they are getting rewards and cashback, and they keep coming back.


Q: You mentioned about returning customers. Share with us why is it important for XIXILI to focus on returning customers.

A: Prior to FavePay, we do not have an in-house loyalty programme, and FavePay fills the gap. FavePay rewards our customers with attractive cashback offers to get them to return, which is important to us.

Customers are our biggest assets. At XIXILI, getting customers to return to our brand creates brand stickiness. Returning customers mean we are giving values to our customers.


Learn more about Fave's mobile payments and how it complements so well with its customer loyalty program.

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