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30 Jul 2020

Zen Mode Experience at Neutra Reflexology

Located on a bustling road, Neutra Reflexology in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur seems ordinary to people outside. However, upon walking in, you will be charmed by a completely tranquil surrounding. Its soothing and hypnotizing ambiance accompanied by the sound of small water fountains promises you an uninterrupted pampering retreat that will help you rejuvenate and relieve your bodily sores. 

Neutra Reflexology Mont Kiara

Image Source: Neutra Reflexology and Spa Facebook 

What’s remarkable about Neutra Reflexology center is that they focus on raising awareness on the benefits of massages and providing reasonable services instead of setting high margins. 

“I knew there was a portion of the population who wanted an affordable and professional massage. My goal is to provide massage therapy to everyone and make it a part of their lifestyle.”

For Nicole Soo, the founder of Neutra Reflexology, providing an affordable yet fulfilling experience to each customer is important. She ensures that each customer walks out of the center feeling relieved and every step of the customer’s journey at the reflexology center is exceptional in hope that they will come back to incorporate it into their lifestyle. 


What Inspired the Business

When asked what inspired the business, Nicole shared that she was inspired by her father who has been working as a reflexologist, specializing in treating stroke cases for 43 years. 

As a self-taught reflexologist, she acquired her knowledge and expertise of the practice from him. Her experience of seeing how her father used reflexology therapy to help treat stroke victims regain their mobility made her determined to introduce and educate people on the benefits of reflexology. 

“Massage wasn’t a popular profession back then. There are always misconceptions about massage therapies that it was considered either a luxury or a ‘cover’ for prostitution.”

With that in mind, she went from being a business manager of a fitness center to a reflexologist. She was set to fix these misconceptions by opening up her own reflexology center - Neutra Reflexology and Spa in Bangsar in November 2018 and expanded to a second outlet in Mont Kiara in December 2019. 

Her goals were to bring massage therapy into the mainstream and raise awareness on how reflexology and massage offers a holistic approach to health. 

Reflexology As A Holistic Health Approach

While many people knew about massage parlors and spas, not many knew about reflexology and the benefits it has to offer to one’s body.

She commented that through reflexology begins from the outside its impact heals us from the inside and this will eventually reflect on our external appearance and overall health. 

Applying Pressure at The Root of Illnesses

When we asked Nicole Soo her secret to staying healthy, she shared that she has never been one to get sick easily. She says for someone that usually has a busy schedule on a day-to-day basis, she has a strong immune system that has helped her stay healthy during crucial times. Her secret to preventing common ailments like flu and fever is simple, it’s by getting reflexology massages herself. 

She believes in the healing ability of reflexology that is effective in pinpointing the root of illnesses by applying pressure to critical points on our body. 

Reflexology is also known for its ability to relieve stress, reduce pain, harmonize the body’s inner energy and increase immunity - all contributing health factors for people in any phase and walks of life. 

From relieving stress to common ailments and treating critical illnesses, reflexology truly serves as a holistic treatment that offers varying benefits that go beyond just treating illnesses but also maintaining good health. 

Reflexology As a Treatment for Stroke Patients

WhatsApp Image 2020-07-30 at 12.40.48 PM

Image Source: Neutra Reflexology and Spa Facebook 

Reflexology is a holistic treatment for stroke patients that covers the body, mind, and emotions. People who have received reflexology treatment reported feeling lighter, reduced symptoms relating to muscular aches, and immobility and cure fatigue, and a multitude of stress-related conditions.

Understanding the benefits that reflexology has to offer especially to stroke patients, she convinced her father to join the business and provide his much-needed treatment to the patients through appointments. 

What’s intriguing about her father’s reflexology is that he only uses acupressure and applies very light pressure which they call ‘the butterfly touch’. Stroke patients treated by her father have shown great improvements and have always returned as their regular customers. 

The treatment goes side by side with other orthodox medical treatments prescribed for stroke patients as reflexology encourages greater relaxation and increases the overall effectiveness of the individual's ability to heal the possible-permanent effect of stroke. 

For those looking to try out reflexology therapy there, her recommendation is the Aromatherapy massage with 10 selections as it is currently their most popular service. 

Increased Brand Awareness with Digital Transformation

Nicole believes that going digital is crucial and will benefit her business in the long run. She pointed out that while it’s important to actually go cashless in the current environment, retaining customers is also important because 80% of their sales are contributed by returning customers. 

With customers using FavePay, aside for increased brand awareness, they also get to enjoy more returning customers with Cashback while going contactless. 

Other than that, they are also going digital by getting up their deals on Fave. Nicole revealed that as a regular customer on Fave herself she knew consumers are always looking for deals on platforms such as Fave. By setting up deals, it helps to capture new customers and eventually turn them into loyal customers after trying and enjoying the services the business had to offer.

She also shared that she has been regularly accessing her Favebiz Insights to view the business’ performance and repeated purchases. This helps to serve as an indication that they are doing something right. 

Persevering Through Challenges with Passion 

Despite their continued growth, Nicole also told us that they are no strangers to challenges. Before the Movement Control Order (MCO) began, their challenges were often related to customers comparing the business with other brands. However, they have always managed to work through this by reflecting it in their exceptional services and ensuring that they do their best to deliver beyond expectations. 

During the MCO, like many other businesses, they faced a challenge of maintaining cash flow to cover for overhead costs as they are not allowed to operate. She expressed that it's not easy running the business as it has a high overhead but with low-margin. 

To continue with the business they had  a process of restructuring the manpower and budget cuts, it was a demotivating period that’s why passion is necessary to drive their motivation and that’s how she has persevered during those times. Here is her advice to new entrepreneurs who are just starting out;

“Be confident, be bold, and be willing to take risks. There is no such thing as a smooth sailing because there will always be hiccups so what’s important is to continue to persevere”

A few ways to describe our experience listening to Nicole’s story about Neutra Reflexology was informational and inspiring. It’s always important to remember that you need to always believe in the product in order to sell it well and in the face of adversity, strong passion will never fail to motivate you to continue persevering. 

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