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Sell more, get paid upfront with eCards

It’s like gift cards and membership cards, but better - now digital and easy to use

A collaboration with Facebook
to help local businesses in Singapore and Malaysia impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic by promoting eCards. 

Fave eCards will be showcased in a newly added "Support Local Business" section in the Facebook app.
New features for an Instagram business account to add a "gift card" button and Instagram story stickers to engage with more customers too!

Find out more about the collaboration here.


How does eCards help your business?


Upfront revenue by selling in advance

Get upfront payment upon each purchase from your best customers

Repeat visits from your loyal customers

Provide them with ‘membership’ value and lock in their next 3-5 visits spend in advance


Multi-purpose card

Use eCard to reward your customers, just like any membership or gift cards - now digital and easy to use.

What exactly is eCard? 

It is a digital card with bonus credit for customers to purchase online and use any-time in the validity of 6 months. 
An eCard can be purchased as a gift card and send it to their friends and family too. 

Interesting fact:

Customers who pay with gift cards usually spend more

How does it work?



Customer purchase eCards from Fave app



The value will be reflected as a partner’s Cashback in the customer’s account



Cashback will automatically be applied to customer’s purchase at your outlet(s)

How to get started?

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Yes, you have the flexibility to change the structures or amount offered based on your customers’ spending behaviours and preferences.

  • You will receive an upfront settlement for every eCard purchased (in accordance with Payment Cadence)
  • Merchant will pay Fave according to an agreed commission rate
  • All outlet(s) under the merchant must be sharing a single bank account.
  • eCards are only valid at outlets within the same country
  • Partner must be Favepay activated.

eCards are only valid for FavePay and cannot be used to purchase FaveDeals.