Build Your Own Customer Loyalty Program with Cashback

Getting new customers is a good way to grow — but getting your existing customers to return is even better 

How does Cashback help your business?

best customer

Gain more revenue from the best customers

On average, every $1 invested in cashback will get a return of $7 in sales

Increase the frequency of your customer visits

The cashback you give to your customers can only be used at your store upon their next visit


Quick tip:

Cashback drives 70% of your customers returning to you

How does it work?



You have the flexibility to set the amount of Cashback to be issued



Cashback issued will be stored in your customer’s account



It will automatically be utilized on your customer’s next purchase at your outlet(s) only

What did others say about us?

It has blown my mind, I didn’t know the customer return rate is so high. It’s something that amazed us.

Sam Wan
IT and E-Marketing Manager, Japan Foods Holding
I find FavePay is the best loyalty program we have because FavePay has a lot of customer base.
Edwin Yew
Marketing Manager, Ban Hin Bee (BHB)
When I was looking for cashless payment, Fave is the first one that we go for. Cashback is a very good strategy to incentivize customers back.
Jason Tay
Financial Controller, Food Junction
Since Fave was being introduced, it has been very effective for us. We have been getting new customers from Fave. The cashback has also created a brand loyalty whereby exisiting customers do come to Quartet everyday.
Azian Akhbar
Managing Director, Quartet

Get more customers during non-peak hours with Smart Cashback

Customize the amount of Cashback you grant at selected hours, days, or weeks



Attract more customers with upsized cashback during ‘happy hours’



Automated Cashback system to optimize sales throughout the day



Flexibility to customize different cashback rates across day or week

Quick tip:

Increase sales up to 2.5x during non-peak hours


How to get started?

Cashback and Smart Cashback are available for all users who activated FavePay

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Merchant cashback can be used on customers’ next visit to your outlet(s), this will be automatically deducted when customers make payment. Merchant cashback can be only be used at outlets of the corresponding merchant.

Cashback has been proven to drive customer loyalty and retention by incentivizing customers to return to your outlet to their merchant cashback.

We recommend that you set up your POS system to have "FavePay" as a mode of payment, similar to how you set up "Cash" or "Credit Card" mode of payment. This will make it easy for you to differentiate and reconcile your payments. 

For each transaction, always enter the bill amount to your POS system. To reconcile your payments, retrieve detailed report under "Get Reports" section.

The cashback validity is 3 months, extended till the last day of the month. Customers will be able to check the expiry date of the cashback on Fave app.