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Get Fast and Easy Access to Financing

Our promise is to get you the best offer through our collaboration with various financing partners

How does Fave Financing help your business?


Quick application process

Approval and disbursement of funds within 3 business days

Hassle-free, no collateral required

Do not have to risk personal or business assets to secure financing

Attractive interest rates

Fave will screen through offers to find you the best interest rates available


In collaboration with various top tier financial institutes, our mission at Fave is to get you the best financing offer in terms of financing amounts,  interest rates, fees and convenience - to support you and your business

How does it work?



Discover the pre-approved financing amount, interest rates and tenure on FaveBiz app



Submit your interest and we will begin your application process with minimal paperwork



Pass credit bureau checks, sign the Letter Offer and get your funds disbursed quickly

How to get started?

Get in touch with us


Yes, any business that has 6 months of transactions on Fave or 6 months business bank statements will be eligible to apply for financing, subject to credit checks.

We as a startup understand the difficulty of local young entrepreneurs when it comes to seeking financing. Our goal is to bridge this financing gap by partnering with multiple financing partners and helping you source the best offers.

In most cases, we only require a photocopy of your NRIC (front & back), business incorporation documents and consent for credit checks. We make it our utmost duty to minimise paperwork and reduce hassle for you.

Our financing partners will suggest a financing value and fixed repayment structure based on your business performance on Fave. The higher your sales and transactions are on Fave, the higher the financing limit and lower interest rates you can gain access to. However, you can also apply for less than the available financing amount. We want to cater to your business needs.

In order to be eligible for FaveFinancing, you would have to sign up as a Fave partner and perform transactions via Favepay.