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Accept all forms of cashless payment easily, quickly at low cost


How does FavePay help your business


Millions of Fave users

Gain exposure across 35 cities in Singapore, Malaysia & Indonesia

Easy settlement & reporting

View daily real-time transactions and discover sales performance anywhere


Zero upfront fees

1% flat rate, lowest in the market

How does it work?

All businesses that sign up for FavePay will receive a Starter Kit with marketing materials includes a QR code standee, glass sticker, wobbler, etc.



Customers scan your QR code from their mobile phone



Customers enter total bill amount and pay



Successful transactions will reflect on your FaveBiz account

Quick hack:

Adding Cashback to your FavePay will increase returning customers by 70%

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As it is vital for businesses like mine to reward and hold on to our regulars, FavePay offers us a fuss-free option for a loyalty programme doubling as a payment method.
Jake Pang
Managing Director, Wafuken
The collaboration with Fave has been Fantastic. FavePay seem like the best way and it has a very easy to use interface.
Tara Tan
Chief Marketing Officer, Xixili

I think FavePay is very good and their marketing is fantastic. FavePay is so easy, you don’t need cash. You only need a mobile phone.

Coco Wang
Founder of Skin Labo
It is convenient for our customer, cashless and fast payment method!! For us, we made direct saving to our bank without need to go to the bank to bank in the money.
Amirul Hakimi Ali
Manager of Ali Roti Canai Tsunami


How to get started?

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Favebiz (Web): Click on the Dashboard tab and scroll down to ‘Your Campaign Performance.’ On the right-hand corner of the FavePay campaign section is a link to ‘Analyse Campaign’. Click on that link and you will be directed to a page where you can view, the total revenue, new customer visits, existing customer visits, and total transactions completed.


Favebiz (Mobile): To view FavePay transactions, click on the Homepage tab on the bottom of your screen and click on the ‘FavePay’’ icon. You will be able to view your active FavePay Outlets. Click on ‘See Results’ and the total revenue, new customer visits, existing customer visits, and total transactions will be available.


Favebiz Staff: To view FavePay transactions, click on the ‘Transactions’ tab on the bottom of your screen. Click on FavePay and you will be able to view all transactions and the total revenue of the day.

Partner’s revenue takeback for FavePay payments is calculated as below:

Revenue = Total Bill — (FavePay Cashback Earned + Fave Commission) 

Effective Jun 1, 2018, all standard-rated goods and services tax (GST) in Malaysia will be reduced from 6% to 0% in accordance with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.

A Remittance Advice from Citibank will be sent to the email you have provided.

We recommend that you set up your POS system to have "FavePay" as a mode of payment, similar to how you set up "Cash" or "Credit Card" mode of payment. This will make it easy for you to differentiate and reconcile your payments. 

For each transaction, always enter the bill amount to your POS system. You will receive a report detailing the breakdown for reconciliation. You may also retrieve detailed report under "Get Reports" section.