Connect with a new generation of smart shoppers.

Accept various forms of cashless payment easily, quickly at a low cost


Grow with the best way to sell

Choose from various payment options to give your customers the flexibility to pay however they want to, online and in-store.

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Accept payments - online and offline

Your business is made unstoppable with the only mobile payment that lets customers stack rewards at every transaction - earn Cashback and e-wallet and bank points at the same time.


Fully integrated with unified payment

Never miss a payment with Singapore's SGQR and Malaysia's FavePay DuitNow QR that allows you to accept payments from various banks and eWallets today!


Seamless integration with online stores

Install and configure FavePay easily through our e-commerce partners of your choice or contact us to get API document access.

Merchants earn now. Customers pay later.

A worry-free experience for merchants and payment options that customers love. Financially empower customers by letting them split purchases into 3 interest-free instalments while you as merchants receive payment upfront as usual.


Increase in average order value


New customers visit to use FavePay Later


Increase in sales when bill made affordable

FavePay Everywhere


More partners. More Customers.

Unleash more customers with our payment partners. DBS PayLah, Singtel Dash and GooglePay users can now scan on any FavePay merchants' SGQR and FavePay DuitNow and earn Cashback too.

More value. More Sales.

Elevate the shopping experience for your customers with add-on services that drives brand loyalty.

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All-in-One Merchant Platform



Track business performance daily

Track daily real-time transactions, monitor business performance and adapt operations in an increasingly digital-reliant world!

Discover customer insights for actionable decisions

Discover actionable insights to understand your customers, expand visibility at any time and anywhere.

As it is vital for businesses like mine to reward and hold on to our regulars, FavePay offers us a fuss-free option for a loyalty programme doubling as a payment method.
Jake Pang
Managing Director, Wafuken
The collaboration with Fave has been Fantastic. FavePay seem like the best way and it has a very easy to use interface.
Tara Tan
Chief Marketing Officer, Xixili

I think FavePay is very good and their marketing is fantastic. FavePay is so easy, you don’t need cash. You only need a mobile phone.

Coco Wang
Founder of Skin Labo
It is convenient for our customer, cashless and fast payment method!! For us, we made direct saving to our bank without need to go to the bank to bank in the money.
Amirul Hakimi Ali
Manager of Ali Roti Canai Tsunami

How to get started?

Sign up and activate FavePay now

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A. Favebiz App

You can see the daily recorded transactions by clicking ‘View Transactions’ then select the outlet. This will bring you directly to the Staff mode.



B. Favebiz Website

1. Click on the icon on the top right of the screen in the blue box.

2. Select ‘Switch to Staff’ from the dropdown.

3. You will then be brought to the Staff mode where you can see all daily transactions.

With FavePay DuitNow QR, merchants will be able to accept payments from over 32 participating banks and eWallets with a single unified QR code.

By choosing FavePay DuitNow QR, you will have access to a FaveBiz account that allows you to easily:

  • Reconcile daily sales
  • Monitor business performance
  • Discover actionable insights

Partner’s revenue takeback for FavePay payments is calculated as below according to each country:


Revenue = Total Bill — (FavePay Cashback Earned + Fave Commission + SST on Fave Commission)

Effective Feb 1, 2020, all standard-rated sales and services tax (SST) in Malaysia will be increased from 0% to 6% in accordance with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia.


Revenue = Total Bill — (FavePay Cashback Earned + Fave Commission + GST on Fave Commission)


A Remittance Advice from Citibank will be sent to the email you have provided.

We recommend that you set up your POS system to have "FavePay" as a mode of payment, similar to how you set up "Cash" or "Credit Card" mode of payment. This will make it easy for you to differentiate and reconcile your payments. 

For each transaction, always enter the bill amount to your POS system. You will receive a report detailing the breakdown for reconciliation. You may also retrieve detailed report under "Get Reports" section. 

Eligible customers will be given the option to split the total bill amount into 3 interest-free payments.

Payment will be made in full (after fees deductions) once the customer made the first transaction. Payment will be released according to your current payment cadence.

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