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Growth Malaysia 2020

Fave to Help Businesses Grow Digitally by 2020 With Growth Malaysia

First — the bad news. In 2020, Malaysia will probably not see flying cars. But, the good news is Malaysians will live and breathe in the cashless revolution. Even better news — we’re well on our way.

We, at Fave, have launched Growth Malaysia. But, while our ambition is sky-high, we can only do so much on our own. We have collaborated with the Ministry of Entrepreneur Development, alongside Grab, Maybank, Funding Societies, and other key industry players, and our mission is to help 100,000 restaurants across Malaysia — one of which is you! — to grow digitally by 2020.

The F&B industry alone makes up 50% to 60% of the Fave platform. We want to help offline retailers in Malaysia go digital, from mobile payments, marketing, data, financial services, staffing and training, and operations.

Staying competitive in the digital age? Checked. A community of business owners and operators who want to stay ahead of the ever fast-changing consumer behavior trends? You got it. Growth Malaysia aims to empower small and medium entrepreneurs to grow their business by leveraging technology.

“How do I become a part of this?” “Where do I start?

Glad you asked. We and our Growth Malaysia collaboration partners have started to expand and offer more value add to restaurant owners, including cashless and mobile payments, digitizing loyalty cards, coupons, and gift cards, food delivery and ordering, providing data and insights, and enabling easier access to financial services.

Growth Malaysia - Joel Neoh

Joel Neoh, Fave’s founder, said the company is actively working with over 20,000 small and medium entrepreneurs across Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia towards digitalization.

“With Growth Malaysia, we are investing further towards the digitalization and growth of offline businesses in Malaysia and we believe that the most efficient and effective way to achieve this is to collaborate with businesses and organizations of the same values and goals, working together towards digitizing Malaysia’s SME ecosystem,” Neoh added.

Together, we’ll get towards a cashless Malaysia. Join our revolution, learn how you can participate and benefit from Growth Malaysia via www.growthmalaysia.com.