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People Love Ecards & This Is Why.

This is true: Customers who pay with gift cards usually spend more. With the holidays in full swing, your customers are rushed for time. They’re looking to organise dinner dates at their favourite restaurant, get themselves groomed for the weekends and most importantly, clear last-minute shopping off their list. 

Facing the conundrum of buying the perfect present, shoppers have resorted to the easiest gift yet — Fave eCards, which are currently available in Malaysia and Singapore.

What exactly are eCards and why do you need it?

eCards are just like any membership cards and gift cards, but better – it’s digital and easy to use. Customers can now buy eCards on Fave that provides them a bonus Cashback upon purchasing.

As a merchant, you’ll see your customers coming back more frequently. 


Let’s say your customer’s average spend is $20 per transaction, you can set up an eCard priced at $100 (5X) with the value of $120. Upon successful purchase, the paid amount + bonus will be instantly credited to their Fave account. Customers can use it anytime, only at your outlet(s) within the next 6 months. In other words, you lock down their next 5-6 visits with eCards. 

Quick fact: We observe that Fave users are transacting up to 3X more frequent using eCards. 


Why would your customers use eCards?

Yes, of course it’s great to see more customers coming back to your outlet as frequent as possible but why would they buy eCards at the first place? Here’re why! In addition with the latest gifting feature, it brings an array of benefits for your customers and their loved ones.

Spend less to gift more!

Your customers will love it because eCards make a perfect gift for those who don’t want to burn their wallet this festive season. Users are set to benefit from instant savings when they purchase an eCard as a gift for their loved ones or themselves. This will help you gain loyalty from your customers. 


Send a gift with a personalised message.

With eCards your customers get extra savings for meals with family and friends, plus eCards make a perfect idea for a gift this festive season. They can even write them a personal message to truly make it a gift from the heart! It’s a great way to show gratitude along with your brand.

A convenient way of browsing, purchasing, and delivering a gift.

With online shopping growing in prevalence, this practical and innovative gift resonates best with those who prefer a practical gift to go with their cash-light lifestyles. It’s a hassle-free and convenient way to shower their loved ones. The gift recipient can also conveniently claim their gift right from their electronic device anywhere, any time.

Share experiences with friends and family.

Gifting an eCard to someone allows them to dip their toes into new experiences such as trying out a new cuisine at a restaurant or indulging in a relaxing experience at a spa. It’s also a great way for your customers to recommend their personal favourite restaurant, spa, or salon to their friends and family! Remember, words of mouth is always the most effective marketing tool.

eCards are easy to use and even simpler to set up.

With bonus Cashback and a 6-month validity period, eCards are highly attractive for your customers (and as gifts for their friends) especially for the holiday season. As a merchant, you stand to increase in-store transactions, boost revenue from new orders and build customer loyalty. What are you waiting for?

Set up your eCard today.

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