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Roastedly’s Strategy of Revolutionizing Coffee-Making

While their idea of a convenient great coffee alone is enough reason to love Roastedly, you’d be surprised to know that they have more strategy up their sleeves to provide only the best for true coffee lovers.
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How Roastedly Came Up With The Perfect Solution for Travel Coffee

Imagine you’re somewhere in the mountains, in your little tent with your friends - trying to get the best of that life-with-nature experience. You wake up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee made from top quality beans - perfect for a cup of serving that you can easily make your own anytime, anywhere. Well, that’s one way to describe the charm behind ...
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Best Spotify Playlist for 7 Different Types of Cafes

As much as service, food, and beverage quality are important elements of a cafe, music is also an integral part of a cafe’s personality. Music - just like its interior design, creates an atmosphere that sets the mood of the place. It also has a direct influence on the kind of ambiance that you want your cafe to reflect.
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DBS and Singtel Partner with Fave to Accelerate Singapore's Cashless Future

Fave’s partnership with DBS PayLah! and Singtel Dash is enabling millions of Singaporeans who are currently using the respective e-wallet to pay and enjoy cashback at over 12,000 restaurants and retailers that display SGQR enabled with FavePay. 
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How The PENJANA Initiative Helped These Merchants Bounce Back in a Post-COVID-19 Environment

In an effort to resuscitate the country’s economy and offer aid to the impacted sector; SMEs and micro-businesses, the Malaysian government are working with Fave through the National Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) to encourage the adoption of e-commerce among these businesses so that they can reach to a wider set of audiences and drive more sales by ...
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Why Customers are Coming Back to Baa Baa Black Sheep Cafe in Penang

Driving along the main road of Jalan Tanjong Bungah, Penang, you will be able to see Baa Baa Black Sheep cafe from afar. Capturing the attention of passersby with its minimalist yet unique charm.
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14 Aug 2020

Down to Bones’ Secret for Growing the Business

Located in Taman Overseas Union, Down to Bones is a famous sanctuary for meat lovers that is well on its way to becoming a neighborhood landmark....

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7 Aug 2020

Fave is Partnering with Pine Labs to Accelerate Cashless Payment Solution in Southeast Asia

Fave, as one of Southeast Asia's leading payment merchant platforms, has announced a collaboration and investment from Pine Labs to expand...

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30 Jul 2020

Zen Mode Experience at Neutra Reflexology

Located on a bustling road, Neutra Reflexology in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur seems ordinary to people outside. However, upon walking in, you will be...

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24 Jul 2020

How Elfreshco - A Small Juice Bar is Captivating Us

Situated on Jalan Telawi Bangsar, next to the Subway outlet and slightly unnoticeable by passersby, Elfreshco is a neighborhood hidden gem that...

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18 Jul 2020

How Micro-enterprises are Transforming With Digital Tools

Internet penetration in Southeast Asia has grown tremendously in recent years and the pandemic has further proved to accelerate this growth. The...

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10 Jul 2020

5 Entrepreneurs Stories That Will Inspire You

The route to entrepreneurship is never an easy one and most entrepreneurs can agree to it. What makes it easier is to find something that...

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