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The Importance of Creativity for Small Businesses

Many small business owners might panic when they hear the statistic that 60% of small businesses fail within their first three years. But the power is in your hands. In order for small and new businesses to be successful, it is essential they are creative. Here are a few of the ways you can ensure your company continues to thrive in the face of that ...
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Draslaric - The Story of Setting New Precedents and Persevering Through Unlikely Challenges

Wondering how one would incorporate metaphysical practices in fashion? To put it simply, Draslaric uses the power of images, by combining specific design, patterns, and colors, to induce positive psychological effects and outcomes on the person wearing the clothes and the people around them. 
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Eumora: On a Mission to Replace Skincare with Skin Health

A brand is never just about the product they sell or the service they deliver. Its most crucial component is the purpose of the business and the mission they’re on. Their services and products will then reflect this mission, help them build the foundation of the business and their loyal followings. 
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How Just Darts and Clique Gaming Upgraded Their Business for The Sake of Their Customers

We know that customers are by far the most crucial part of business, but how do they really affect business? 
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Grab and Fave Expanding Their Strategic Partnership in Malaysia

Grab and Fave are expanding their strategic partnership to Malaysia to accelerate their growth across the ASEAN region. Fave is now providing GrabPay as a new payment option in the Fave app, enhancing convenience and extending cashback savings to millions of Grab users in Malaysia. The number of cashless transactions using GrabPay has quadrupled since ...
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Roastedly’s Strategy of Revolutionizing Coffee-Making

While their idea of a convenient great coffee alone is enough reason to love Roastedly, you’d be surprised to know that they have more strategy up their sleeves to provide only the best for true coffee lovers.
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21 Mar 2020

What Businesses Should Do to Survive Through COVID-19?

The Covid-19 which is a highly infectious disease that can spread in communities through contact with contaminated surfaces or close contact with...

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13 Mar 2020

Ramadan Case Study in Southeast Asia

The month of Ramadan is almost here, and for all Muslims around the world, they are expected to observe a one-month long fasting period from dawn...

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6 Mar 2020

5 Inspiring Businesswomen in Malaysia - International Women's Day

In Southeast Asia, it is commonly acknowledged that women face gender stereotypes and societal expectations dictate the way women live that...

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28 Feb 2020

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know You Can Do on the FaveBiz Platform

Running a business can sometimes (read: mostly) be challenging and hectic, there are a lot of technology solutions out there but its abundance and...

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6 Feb 2020

How Covid-19 Impacts Businesses and Why Join the "Get Back Up" Program

In the last few weeks, the Covid-19  Pandemic has taken the world by storm. With people taking extra precautions to avoid getting in contact with...

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20 Jan 2020

3 Retail Trends You Should Know in 2020

No one can predict the future. But imagine if you knew how your customers are evolving, and how digital payments are going to impact your revenue....

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