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How Covid-19 Impacts Businesses and Why Join the "Get Back Up" Program

In the last few weeks, the Covid-19  Pandemic has taken the world by storm. With people taking extra precautions to avoid getting in contact with the virus, businesses are starting to feel the immediate impact as sales decline in leisure and travel. 

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3 Retail Trends You Should Know in 2020

No one can predict the future. But imagine if you knew how your customers are evolving, and how digital payments are going to impact your revenue. Wouldn’t these insights be useful in shaping your business strategy for 2020?

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3 Simple Strategies to Grow Your Business in 2020

It’s an exciting, brand new year. What are your goals to grow your business in 2020? Doubling sales in the first quarter? Increasing marketing spend on digital billboards? These plans sound great on paper but based on current retail trends, you need to anticipate change to stay ahead this year.

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Xixili: From a Brick-And-Mortar Store to Going Digital

The XIXILI girls live life on the corner where fashion and function meet. XIXILI, a proudly Malaysian lingerie retailer was founded by a group of ladies who were pleasantly surprised by the improvements of their bust lines through the right choice of brassieres. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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People Love Ecards & This Is Why.

This is true: Customers who pay with gift cards usually spend more. With the holidays in full swing, your customers are rushed for time. They’re looking to organise dinner dates at their favourite restaurant, get themselves groomed for the weekends and most importantly, clear last-minute shopping off their list. 

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5 Reasons to Go Digital or Go Home

We hear about “digital” every day — digital data, digital technology, digital media, digital marketing, digital transformation. Everyone, from a mega-corporation to the neighbourhood dry chilli pan mee, wants to go digital now, more than ever.

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7 Nov 2019

Little India Goes Cashless in Singapore

Have you visited Little India in Singapore lately? There is new kind of buzz in Little India. Instead of cash dingling, now it’s the beeps of...

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24 Sep 2019

Fave to Help Businesses Grow Digitally by 2020 With Growth Malaysia

First — the bad news. In 2020, Malaysia will probably not see flying cars. But, the good news is Malaysians will live and breathe in the cashless...

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