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5 Mar 2021

4 Inspiring Stories of Women Champions

We can all agree that women today have made great strides in their personal and professional lives while overcoming adversity and somehow, managing to come up on top.

This International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate all that women champions have achieved and will achieve in the future. To commemorate their accomplishments, we rounded up 4 stories of women champions about their origin stories, endeavours they overcame and sources of inspiration they draw upon.

Fulleaf Merchant Profile


Fulleaf Tea Store

Cheylie, the founder of Fulleaf Tea Store, faced multiple challenges when she started her tea business. One of the challenges was many people forget the importance of tea culture. Hence, Cheylie decided to step up her game and re-introduce it to the community once again. 

As an avid tea drinker, Cheylie takes her time to source her products before supplying them to the market. As many large conglomerates opt for making mass production, leading to a decrease in product quality, Cheylie is determined to use her knowledge transcended by her ancestors of using natural resources and ingredients to revive the tea culture.

Fulleaf Tea Store focuses on integrating the benefits of tea with the current culture, also known as the aesthetic of modern living. All of its customers are educated with present knowledge about tea to show their appreciation when the tea is presented for every occasion. 



Call Me Baby Beauty Merchant Profile

Call Me Baby Beauty

Founded by Cindy & Joyce, the beautiful sister duo who started the brand during the pandemic in August 2020. Call Me Baby Beauty is on a mission to bring you skincare products that makes you feel sexy and beautiful from the inside out. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle. 

As experienced beauty users in the beauty industry, they are driven by a passion for giving their customers sexy skin instantly and effortlessly. Cindy and Joyce strongly believe, “honesty is the best policy”. They’re meticulous and being transparent with their customers about the ingredients they’re using. 

Call Me Baby Beauty current star products are Lift Me Up Smooth and Sculpt Miracle Mist, which shows visible and excellent results within 60 seconds. One of the technologies they use to drive instant results to your sexy skin is using high-performance bio-complex cosmetology with resourceful ingredients that could let their customers feel confident inside out. 

Cindy and Joyce agree that running a beauty business presents many challenges as they’re going against the powerful conglomerates and experienced beauty gurus out there. Nevertheless, they always seek opportunities to build their brand, such as working with Fave to provide exclusive deals and values to its customers. 

“We believe confidence is sexy and sexy skin gives confidence. Every woman deserves to feel sexy”, said Cindy and Joyce.


Rachelrax Cakes Merchant Profile

Rachelrax Cakes

From interior designer to full-time home baker. Rachel is always in unwavering spirits to fulfil her dreams since her uni days. 

“I started as a home-based baker specialising in Galaxy Glazed Cakes in 2016. While I was waiting for my university semester to start, I decided to do something fruitful with my time. When I entered uni, I was still baking as a hobby while earning some pocket money to sustain myself”, said Rachel. 

After I graduated in 2018, I was juggling between a full-time job and my home-based business to keep my passion going. It eventually led me to feeling burnt out as I could not see the fruits of my labour, and the company was not doing well at that moment. 

“In 2019, I decided to quit my full-time job and my home-based business as I convince myself the baking path was not for me”, said Rachel. 

When the pandemic struck in 2020, Rachel decided to give her home baking business another go. With the mentality of solely wanting to offer people sweet treats and make them happy during these challenging times. Surprisingly, the business began to grow exponentially. During this time, she started introducing mini tarts in assortment flavours and her baked goods were well-received by the masses.

From then on, she began looking for a space to expand. After a year, she finally has a shop to call her home. With a takeaway store opening, she hopes to interact with customers who have been with them and thank them for supporting them throughout these 4 years.

Before she ends her story, she would like to send a message to all female entrepreneurs out there, 

“It’s okay to take breaks and give yourself a breather from now and then. We deserved all the time we needed after having put in our best effort. It’s okay to take a step back when you need to. You will be fresher, stronger and more driven than before!” 


ANTD Merchant Profile

Atom & The Dot

Sheena and Jin Hui started Atom & The Dot with a mission to make learning fun and exciting. The company was founded in 2017 by 2 women entrepreneurs who also happen to be besties since primary school. They were both placed in Science stream during their schooling years, but never pursued the field once they graduated. As both Sheena and Jin Hui reflected on their choices, they resolved that education played a pivotal role in influencing their career pathways.

Sheena and Jin Hui believe that acquiring knowledge about Arts and Science should be fun and engaging for kids. Instead of the usual dead-beat classroom settings, they believe the best way for kids to learn is via hands-on activities. 

They started developing Arts and Science surprise boxes in-house from the kitchen table of a co-founder’s home. After 4 years and more than 10,000 activities boxes later, they are still attempting to keep their overhead costs in check while continuously improving their business model and product. 

“We’re nowhere near the big, lofty dreams of many startups, but we take pride in the fact that we weathered the pandemic and remained here to fight another day”, said Sheena and Jin Hui. Sheena and Jin Hui's goal is to create a meaningful impact on the way kids are educated. 

As Peter Drucker once said, 

“Learning is a lifelong process, and the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn”. 

As we read these champion stories, we hope that this blog post is more than a mere read. We hope it serves as a call to action and a catalyst for women all around the world, to spring into action. The ones who came before us have achieved so much and we know that you are capable of so much more. 

Happy International Women’s Day! Today, we celebrate YOU!


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