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1 Oct 2020

Grab and Fave Expanding Their Strategic Partnership in Malaysia

Grab and Fave are expanding their strategic partnership to Malaysia to accelerate their growth across the ASEAN region. Fave is now providing GrabPay as a new payment option in the Fave app, enhancing convenience and extending cashback savings to millions of Grab users in Malaysia. The number of cashless transactions using GrabPay has quadrupled since January and contactless spending is projected to increase three-fold in Malaysia over the next few years.

Millions of Malaysians can now connect their GrabPay e-wallet to Fave to enjoy double rewards in the form of GrabRewards Points and Fave Cashback at over 17,000 restaurants and retailers on Fave networks starting from 1st of October 2020 onwards.

What’s in it for the merchants and customers?

The partnership combines the strengths of Fave’s broad merchant network as well as its Fave platform, with Grab’s large user base and growing ecosystem.

Fave's founder Joel Neoh said: "By providing GrabPay wallet as a payment option on the Fave platform, our merchants will immediately benefit from additional customer traffic from the millions of people who use the Grab platform daily."

This enables customers to use their credits across all FavePay outlets, as well as on a wide selection of FaveDeals (online vouchers) and Fave eCards (online gift cards). On top of that, they will also be earning GrabRewards Points and Fave Cashback simultaneously upon each transaction.

As a result, Fave merchants will now be able to benefit from Grab’s 20 million registered users in Malaysia. Through this partnership, we are enhancing Fave as a payment aggregator, enabling merchants to accept digital payments from various banks and major e-wallets using one platform for easy reconciliation at a lower cost.

"Our collaboration with Fave demonstrates our commitment towards building seamless, intuitive services for our users and is in line with our long-term strategic roadmap to build on digital payments and partnerships beyond our platform. Through this partnership, we are providing users with more opportunities to use their GrabPay e-wallet, therefore more value, and benefits to go cashless with GrabPay. This also will help us expand our reach and accessibility through wider merchants’ acceptance with Fave," said Priyanka Madan, Head of GrabPay Malaysia.

How to Link GrabPay on Fave

There is no action required from the merchants to activate this new addition. However, here is how customers can link their GrabPay e-wallet to their Fave account.


  1. Click on the ‘Me’ tab and look for the GrabPay section
  2. Once redirected to the Grab page, key in the necessary details and follow the instruction accordingly. 
  3. All set! Now your customers will be able to pay you via GrabPay. 

How to use GrabPay via the Fave app


If your customers would like to use GrabPay in Fave, during checkout, select GrabPay as the preferred payment method, key in the amount, and pay! Now they can start earning double reward in every transaction. It is as easy as that! Start growing your business with more customers and revenue.  Find out more about FavePay now and start enjoying more returning customers with double rewards in store for them. 

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