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27 Mar 2020

Safe Distancing Guidelines: The Solution for Food and Beverage Outlets

Singapore’s Ministry of Health has recently drawn up safe distancing guidelines that retail and food and beverage businesses in Singapore can adopt to hinder the further spread of Covid-19 and to slow down the chain of transmission. 

These guidelines which are effective from 26th March 2020 include the closure of entertainment venues in Singapore and limiting gatherings outside of work and school to 10 people or fewer. While the government imposed closures and suspensions, some outlets may continue their operations and provide people with their service with strict guidelines as such:

1 Meter Distancing Arrangements

Set up tables and seatings arrangements by ensuring a distance of at least one meter between tables or different groups of diners. Related diners (e.g. family members, couples) can be seated together at one table without spaced out seatings. 

Queue Management

Reduce the number of people gathering outside the outlet by putting in place queue management solutions. These include taking down diner details and calling them in only when seats are available, spacing out the queuing of shoppers by at least 1 meter apart at the cashier or entry into the restaurant, limiting the number of shoppers within a store and clearly marking the floor to prevent obstruction of flow. 

Reduce Cash Handling

Incorporate mobile ordering and payment solutions so that diners can order and make payments directly without having to wait at the cashier. This includes implementing self-checkouts and cashless payment systems to speed up payment processes and reduce cash-handling.

Minimize Cluster 

Minimize the physical clustering of customers waiting to pick up their orders by implementing pre-ordering solutions for F&B kiosks to minimize the physical clustering of customers waiting to pick up their orders.

These measures, issued on Friday (March 20), are aimed to advise the public to prevent large numbers of people from gathering in close proximity over a prolonged period of time.


Practice Safe Distancing Guidelines with Online Takeaway Orders


As self-explanatory as its name, Fave’s Takeaway feature allows your customers to opt for Takeaway as easy as three simple steps:

  1. Pre-order - Place order and access your menu from the Fave app
  2. Pay - Pay once they are ready to place order and using cashless preferred payment on Fave. 
  3. Pick up - Skip queue and go straight to pick up their order once it is ready. 

If you’re a food and beverage business owner this means that you get to do what you you do best - make great food - without the hassle of taking orders and handling payments. As according to Joel Neoh, Co-Founder and CEO of Fave, “the introduction of Takeaway is our way of enabling that our merchants get the most out of the platform by increasing productivity and revenue."


Below we have broken down how Fave’s Takeaway can help you further keep to these safe distancing guidelines.

Adhere to safe social distancing guidelines

Takeaway helps you practice safe social distancing by systematically reducing congestion, queues, and operational touchpoints that may run the risk of spreading the virus. 

Reduce errors and improve operational efficiency

Online ordering reduces human errors in order-taking as customers are able to check the availability of the item and place orders themselves, this helps you increase productivity and get more sales. 

Convenience for customers

It enables your customers to conveniently make payments through mobile directly, saving on time and efforts as customers can take their time to order through the app. This effortlessly helps you improve customer service as customers can pick up whenever they’re notified that food is ready. 


It's an Evergreen Solution

Your outlet might experience a drop in consumers due to the changing environment. Be willing to make changes and implement new systems to survive this extraordinary time. So take this evergreen solution to not only help you push through this situation but also helps you to continue to progress after. According to a recent survey, digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014.

No matter how much your business grows, nor what other future variables that may impact your business, you'll always benefit from the ability to take unlimited orders online.

Additionally, if there’s anything that could help your business minimize order-taking time while reducing physical contact for customers dining at your outlet it’s Fave’s Table Ordering feature. Just like Takeaway, it enables your customers to place their own orders. 

This feature, on the other hand, is more suited to address customers dining at your outlet as it enables them to simply place orders by scanning the barcode available at every table. Read here to find out more about Table Ordering

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