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16 Oct 2020

Draslaric - The Story of Setting New Precedents and Persevering Through Unlikely Challenges

Wondering how one would incorporate metaphysical practices in fashion? To put it simply, Draslaric uses the power of images, by combining specific design, patterns, and colors, to induce positive psychological effects and outcomes on the person wearing the clothes and the people around them. 

This Singapore-based international designer’s brand which was founded by a renowned metaphysics expert and designer, Kelvin Draslaric Ye, specializes in offering a variety of metaphysically-enhanced apparel that is believed to provide effects such as affinity, wealth, fortune, and protection. 

“Our mission is to enhance an individual's confidence in life with the use of psychology and metaphysics in fashion. We strive to showcase the power of traits such as interaction, communication, and confidence in improving the quality of life in general.”

While shirts are common items that one might easily find in any fashion retail store, Draslaric emphasizes on creating limited-edition to ensure that each of their designs fulfills the purpose of their brand and to overcome imitations issues within the vast fashion and apparel market. 

They pride themselves in being the world’s only designer brand that enhances fashion with metaphysics at a life-changing scale even when you are wearing them. Now let’s go into how they started their journey. 

Introducing Metaphysic to High-End Fashion

As a Metaphysics expert, Kelvin has traveled around the world for talks, seminars, and consultations on how metaphysics could change a person’s life. Despite his achievements in the field, he felt the need to use his knowledge to change and help people on a bigger scale. 

That’s how the idea for Draslaric emerged - using apparel that people wear every day and enhancing it with metaphysics practices which will eventually help boost confidence, uplift mood, and improve the quality of life. 

To induce such effects to the people wearing their clothing, they embedded a secret art known in metaphysics studies and practices that consists of algorithms, procedures, processes, patterns, and shapes. It uses these elements to create a design, shape, or pattern to statistically reassure a person of their feelings, emotions, and traits which could not be determined by their conscious mind. 


Draslaric clothes and apparel


Their mission is to penetrate the ASEAN market as China market, together with the help of the Metaphysics Association of Singapore to work on raising awareness about the benefits of metaphysics and how it could be part of a better life.

Overcoming Challenges Through Online and Offline Strategy

When asked what was their biggest challenge in running the business during COVID-19, Kelvin responded by saying it was the restrictions in shipping their products out overseas as their overseas sales stand over 98% of their annual revenue. As a result, they had to cancel countless orders and bear quite a hefty loss.

Kelvin shared that they managed to go through the challenge by going through all the procedures and dealing with relevant corporations. 

Aside from that, they also face challenges in the instability of their main target country which is the U.S as it constitutes over 70% of their sales. 

During COVID-19, jobs were unsecured, people were not willing to spend, and the government was not assertive in helping businesses to sustain and maintain. 

He shared that they were forced to close some of their boutiques in the U.S. and focused on online sales. The pandemic COVID-19 had also held back their operation in Malaysia and Indonesia which had been a crucial part of their plan for 2020.

“Since then, we started moving and placing our focus 100% on online sales which include large advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and Google.”

Draslaric website

Image Source: Draslaric 


After the customs were cleared for delivery, they realized that sales were coming back and this time, there were sales from all over the world instead of just the U.S.

Kelvin expressed that their journey online had been great. Apart from that, Kelvin also mentioned that currently, their marketing efforts go to sending VIP customers emails on their pre-launched items. Their returning customers had also been a contributor to their marketing efforts as they knew their product best and had returned with the positive effect of metaphysics. These returning customers serve as their word-of-mouth marketing which creates a very strong impact especially in the field of Metaphysics.

As we come to the end of this story, it’s pretty clear that one thing remains important throughout their journey, it is to continue to persevere in the face of adversity and the unknown. Just like how Draslaric overcame their challenges and how they started out their journey without knowing what the future may have in store for them.

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